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Originally Posted by rory breaker View Post
Youre totally right. We drove the XC60-R and I really liked it (she thought it was just OK). Local dealer was a total jerk about pricing though - they had a demo available with 7000 miles. After making it clear to please not waste time with BS negotiations, Im an experienced buyer, etc their first offer was literally like $2k off. For a used car with 7k miles. I was so turned off by their approach, after a bit more discussion decided to turn away from Volvo. I really liked the car, LOVE the exterior, but frankly the X3 is faster, more fun, and nicer inside. Volvo still uses graphics from a 1988 Suburban in their gauge cluster. Atari pixel city. I would hate to look at that all the time.

You're right though, it's a great car nonetheless.
Too bad you have a crap local dealer, that is what I encounter locally with BMW but really had no prob discussing going from invoice with the Volvo guy and it was much less then a compatible X3. The car I drove was a brand new 2013, don't know if there were changes from prior MY, I was more focused on drive ability, braking, comfort,etc then read out so can't remark on that. The real metal accents, soft thick leather feel and seats did make an impression. The rear seats folding completely flat with ease (auto head rests or something) was nice, built in booster seats or heated rear seats, and best safety will prob keep it on my list when the time comes around . With hope they will keep the Polestar improvements and add paddle shifters.

I wish we got great station wagons here though, SUVs higher center of gravity and bulk really impact the overall fun factor and accident avoidance nimbleness IMHO. It was a comfy safe feeling environment to be in though, and comes in a great red