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Originally Posted by M3tallicar View Post
If you are considering a vehicle that size test out a Volvo XC60 R Design. Yup I did say Volvo, I recently drove one and was impressed with the power delivery and fit and finish. A relative bargain too as compared to a similarly equipped similar hp 35i X3. The seats are really excellent too, nice two tone leather and seriously comfortable (the headrests are great, ill hazard better seats then most BMWs) Between the seats, interior and good grunt I kept going back to considering it but that class SUV really is a lot bigger and bulkier then the more lithe X1, and I'm not quite ready to give up the nimble fun factor. Can wait a few years until the rug rat is bigger and forces my hand
Youre totally right. We drove the XC60-R and I really liked it (she thought it was just OK). Local dealer was a total jerk about pricing though - they had a demo available with 7000 miles. After making it clear to please not waste time with BS negotiations, Im an experienced buyer, etc their first offer was literally like $2k off. For a used car with 7k miles. I was so turned off by their approach, after a bit more discussion decided to turn away from Volvo. I really liked the car, LOVE the exterior, but frankly the X3 is faster, more fun, and nicer inside. Volvo still uses graphics from a 1988 Suburban in their gauge cluster. Atari pixel city. I would hate to look at that all the time.

You're right though, it's a great car nonetheless.