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new here and new to owning a BMW. Wanted one for many years and finally made teh decision to get one. I live in long beach ny and our home, cars and motorcycles were annihilated by teh hurricane. Really feels like we are starting over. so during this rebuilding process i decided to add some normalcy and get a new car. so got the jet black x1 drive pretty loaded up. love the car (have only had for 1 week). after all the crap i have had to deal with lately this was a GREAT welcomed event in my life. so yesterday i go out to the car and get the orange engine light with minimal power. not so stoked. used the SOS feature and while on call the light went away. got out of car and went into my house and noticed a nice hit the car took from someone else on front left fender. car was parked overnight and someone must have hit me and just take off. argh. got some touchup paint from bmw and plan on fixing myself. so, even with all this crap going on, really love the car.