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I just don't understand why the bad word on the C&D reviews. Alright I understand 189 ft stopping is far from good but why poke fun of it by calling it "(just) stops shorter than a school bus"? Let's see other test; in the Focus ST vs GTI test the GTI that is much smaller and lighter and with all season PERFORMANCE TIRES did 187 ft, oh snap NEAR SCHOOL BUS!
In the 4 bang family sedan compo Passat, Accord and Altima with lighter non-awd does 184-185 ft, oh dear! I never know 70% car out there are actually not brake much better than a school bus!
By the way their testing of 328i sportline automatic did 191 ft!!! Yet no mention about it. So late BMW brakes have issues but why talk it down on X1 so much??

I should start thinking about trade mine to a school bus, wonder if they have free maintenance?
Good points

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It is x28i not s28 so the steering feel should be better. I think the writer already have the concept that the new BMW steering = bad; and didn't realize the fact that the x1 use the good old system.
Why I find it lame that he doesn't even note if it has servo or not, which would actually be relevant, or compare to other 4 wheel drive BMWs or otherwise.