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Originally Posted by TKM399 View Post
Braking from 70-0mph: 189 feet

I'm confused. I have not seen any other reviews slam the X1's braking, yet.

I hate when supposed car reviewers are more interested in being glib then doing a good job of reviewing. Remarking on the steering being at all numb without saying if it had servotronic or not indicates ignorance of the real details about the car. Is the steering "passable yet still too numb" as compared to other 4 wheel drives or rear wheel drive (which it seems like they are comparing to), and honestly no one else has complained about the hydraulic steering. It sounds like yet another car reviewer more interested in making statements to sound smart then providing useful and as objective as possible information. I don't give much credence to auto reviews with rare exceptions for reviewers I respect.

Fwiw they blame the stopping distance on the 'low rolling resistance tires', no details about them or their condition of course and without any comparison to back that up with or info about the actual brakes.

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