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Originally Posted by dchao View Post
You live in norcal. I think you should pick the xDrive, so you can take her to Tahoe with you in the winter (unless you have another AWD already).

I ended up picking the xDrive M sport, because I live in the city, and I like firmer suspensions.
True, a good point in favor of 4 wheel drive. I suppose I was thinking that I didn't need to consider it for a rare trip (could rent an awd for that ) but it would provide a measure of additonal sercurity in the heavy rain and flooding we get here.

Re dip sticks and good oil and water gauges, don't get me started on how lame it is that they (and other manufacturers ) have stopped providing the tools to us that would allow us to best take care of our cars. It's especially frustrating because I've had the chance to compare the computer oil level to the dipstick in a car with both and the computer level was not only not accurate but could be really off.