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Originally Posted by JL350 View Post
I was going to order space grey, 2.0D x drive, sunroof. Test drove a vermillion red one, sunroof, Nevada leather, twin blade alloys, etc, about $15k cheaper than retail because it was a demo model.

Went with the red one
I wish we could get red here in the US. Unfortunately, apart from the orange, it's all rather dull colours. I think BMW USA tries to come across as conservative and understated luxury. Seeing a bright orange X1 with the same luxury level as a 2CV zoom past you kind of shatters that image.

Grey is the "in" colour here in the US right now, and it shows - driving past a car dealer these days, and especially a BMW dealer, you feel transformed into a monochrome movie, with black, white and the full spectrum of greys between them. In the periphery, you may see a daring display of colour - a dark blue or pensioner beige model.