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I have over 10 dealerships in a 60 mile radius. The best I was offered was $400 over invoice (before incentives). I went with the dealer that was close to me and spent the time letting me test drive whatever I wanted, even though their offer was $500 over invoice. I probably could have made them match the $400 but why? I won't notice the difference when financing.

Is it really worth playing dealers against one another? If you've ever worked in sales you should be able to identify. It sucks when you do all the work and another guy steals the deal from under you with razor thin margins, or forces you to lose all your margin to save the deal.

Just something to think about. Salesmen are people too...with families to feed.

I should add that when a dealer made me a ridiculous offer, I didn't even bother negotiating...I just walked away.

I know some of you don't have the same options based on geography.

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