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Originally Posted by netarc View Post
Been driving the x1 xdrive28 for about three weeks, 700 miles. A couple of quick questions...

1. Dealer had mentioned that stereo (standard head unit with nav, not the upgraded version) allows CDs to be stored, presumably to a HD in the car. Upon inserting the cd, I see the option to do this, but it's grayed out/disabled?
This is not copying, but ripping to a lossy format at very low bit rate (128 kbps). You're far better off ripping the files on a PC and then importing them into iDrive over USB.
That said, it should work as long as you have enough free space - is this a regular store bought CD?

Originally Posted by netarc View Post
2. Been quite disappointed in the gas mileage so far. Driving sedately, we saw 27mpg driving from sf to Tahoe, about 32 on the return; not too bad. City driving, though, is nowhere near the est 24 (?) that is rated. In sf I've been seeing more in the 16-18 range ?!? wondering what others are seeing for nonhighway on the awd version?
The first couple of thousand miles, pay little heed to the gas mileage. It will settle, usually well lower than what you saw on the new car. As for "city driving", that's so many things. Rush hour traffic is going to give you way less mileage than EPA's "typical" city mileage. Slow creeping traffic is the worst.