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K, I got a test drive in over the weekend and wanted to share my observations.

Tested: X1 M Sport sDrive 28i, and X1 no line xDrive 28i Ultimate Package + Lighting Package, both MY2013.

M Sport Line ride isn't too harsh. The suspension stiffness reminded me of the ride in the 2007 e93 (328i convertible): stiff, assertive, but not uncomfortable.

I wore a puffy winter jacket, and I still felt comfortable in the sport seats. I didn't notice any sliding when I turned.

I thought the xDrive 28i suspension stiffness over bumps was the same as the M Sport, but there was more body roll during turns. Mostly, I noticed how much more my body slid side to side on the standard seats vs the sport seats. I felt my muscles working more to keep myself centered in the seat.

I still found the steering in the xDrive base too heavy for my liking, and the steering in the sDrive M Sport had good weighting and precision.

The lighting package looks hot from the outside with the angel eyes. The rear interior reading lights do not have a clear cover over the bulbs! So, I can stick my finger in the hole and touch the bulb. Not that I would, but just a bit disappointing for a $1200 MSRP package. I'll still get it though, for the xenons...

Good news: I can confirm the Dec all season tire option for the M Sport package. My client advisor looked in the build options and found them.

Now all I gotta do is see that xLine oyster interior in person to see if I prefer it.