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Automatic high beams less than ideal.

Wondering how satisfied y'all are with the performance of the auto high beams.
Driving at night on rural two lanes I have noticed that the auto high beams take too long (for me) to revert to high after oncoming traffic passes by. I have stopped using it as I prefer to manually hit high beams immediately the oncoming traffic has passed. The wait for the system to re-engage the high beams was driving me nuts. Also underwhelmed by the decision making ability of the system in general. Moderately undulating roads with oncoming traffic seem to put the system into a tailspin of activity. Additionally, the high beams come on sooner than I would manually choose with rear lights clearly visible ahead of me. Approaching rural traffic lights with the newer LED lamps also confuse the sensor from almost a mile away - red light and the headlights stay on high, but the brighter and more piercing green causes lights to dip (this is rural with absolutely no street lights).
Are they operating similarly for everyone else? How many others are choosing not to use this feature?