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Those two seemingly inconsequential trim pieces on the tailgate "cavities" make an absolutely huge difference in the ability to close the tailgate in one easy motion. None of the initial X1 deliveries at the 3 closest dealers around here had them, and both SWMBO and I found it very difficult to close the tailgate in one motion on any X1 we tried. Had wished for a handle, strap, adjust the pressure in the struts or even an option for an auto tailgate. Thank you to BMW for modifying the tailgate design and making a relatively low tech enhancement which has eliminated a pre-order issue for this owner. Was pleasantly surprised when ours arrived with this improvement as we were not aware of the redesign.
If you don't have these trim pieces, I would suggest visiting a dealer and experiencing the difference for yourself and requesting them. It would be a shame if BMW didn't retrofit these, or at least allow you to order them.

BTW Posted on this tailgate subject some months ago and was vilified, mocked and abused to the point of requesting that the mods remove my factual, objective post which was meant to be a positive contribution and the childish, immature and abusive comments that followed. Y'all know who you are. My first post almost became my last. Thankfully the trolls in question have been less evident in recent months. Many thanks to the excellent contributions from the rest of this helpful and informative community. Rant over.

Happy trails y'all!!!