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Originally Posted by icemilkcoffee View Post
If this was a Lexus I would agree. But BMW's leather happens to be a pretty coarse and stiff grade of cow-hide. Frankly the BMW leatherette feels softer than their leather to me. BMW's leather is very different from the fine leather used by the japanese and american car makers.
I think depends in how you maintain the car, how many million times you get in and out, how "big' you are and so on...

From my point of view, Lexus leather doesn't stay to the "pinky" of the BMW leather. You might not know, BMW leather is specially treated for sun and UV. The Convertible comes with sun reflective leather on its seats, armrests, head restraints and the gearshift lever which is treated to reflect the sun's rays and thereby reduce the heat that they absorb. Their carpet is also specially treated for fire.
I own a Jaguar as well, different leather, better than BMW in some aspects but the design and stitches matter as well in the way the seat worns out. If it is a plain design it worns out faster than one seat with a certain pattern that will help keep the leather in place.

Leatherete doesn't do for me, itI found it very hard to clean it properly, always the spot comes back. And as a colegue was saying here, try it at -45C and you will see.

An yes, BMW IT IS a luxury car. If others claim to be luxury, then they should have cars that don't have soft steel or rust in 2 years...
I own a nice japanese car, it has 12.000km but the driver seat looks much worse than the BMW after 18600km. Maybe is too "fine"...
However, the luxury doesn't "sit" in leather, there are many other things that matter...
I want the "engine of the year" under my hood and beautiful dynamics... A nice leather, beautiful materials and a nice fit and finish will do just perfect...

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