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Originally Posted by netarc View Post
fwiw, I went with the Rial Como 17x7.5 wheel and 225/50R17 Michelin Pilot Alpin PA2 ZP Run Flat for my X1. Haven't taken any decent pix yet, but here's a cell shot. Fitment was great, TPMS worked without issue, +1. Can't really report on the snow handling capabilities of the PA2 yet, haven't had to drive in snow yet; it seemed to handle freezing rain/slush pretty well, however, on the initial drive up to Tahoe.

Used these wheels in the past, excellent choice and quality, I like them as well. I am playing with the ideea of getting the Como's fow my X1 but I will go for 18, my car came with 17 so I can keep those for winter. I am thinking between these Como's and the M 18' OEM wheels.
Can you put more pictures please, eventual from the side? I would like to see how they look with the car as a whole.