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Originally Posted by RocGuy
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If u really want to find out ur bottom line price, goto and find out the invoice price on the car as equipped, add another $500, plus ~$500 for maco and training fees, and that would be the lowest price possible.
I figured out the invoice price, then added $500. That gives me a price $934 below what I paid. Can totally live with that.

What do you mean tho by "plus ~$500 for maco and training fees"? Is that in addition to the other 500? lol That would mean I paid $434 above invoice. Seems too good to be true?

Either way I think I'm happy with those numbers.
Yes. Maco and training fees are costs from dealer to bmwusa, non-negotiable fees that may vary a bit by region. My dealer's fees in NYC was $300 maco and $180 training, my sales showed them to me on her screen so can't dispute that. Bmwconfig does not account for these fees so it's always a bit lower than "true cost". The other $500 is dealer markup, or invoice plus. some ppl have gotten as low as invoice +$500, and up to +$1000 is considered as reasonable. It sounds like ur deal was invoice +$9xx which is ok considering the lack of dealer competition in ur area.