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First, I gotta say how thrilled I am to talk with y'all about bimmers. My fiancee can't take it anymore. She'll entertain me here and there, but eventually I know bimmer talk is over. I'm so glad I found bimmerpost. This community rocks.

nospam, yeah, I really like the fineline wood trim in xLine too. Drool. I do want to revisit the hydraulic steering, because so many reviews out there praise the 28i engine and hydraulic steering of the X1. The e46 and e93 steering was heavy, but I don't remember it being as heavy as the X1's. Maybe my Jetta's electromechanical steering weakened my arms!

icemilkcoffee, yeah, black on beige is hard to keep clean, but I love the color combination. I had two bimmers with those colors, and the floor and mats do look dirty fast. Vacuuming and occasional carpet cleaner helped, beige floors do take more work than black--exactly why I like xLine's oyster seats black floor colors. In the beige and cream beige interiors, my jeans didn't rub off on the seats. Has that happened to anyone?

I did notice dirt in places I touched regularly, especially the cream beige in the e93. No stains though. I could clean it.

The roads around Boston? Some aren't so bad, some are awful, but :LOL yeah, two cars, all four rims bent on both, just a fact of driving around here after so many years. I know a good shop that fixes the bends. It's just nice not to have to do it often :-$.

vertigo, the wait will be worth it if that's what you want! That's great the dealer didn't mind ordering another one for you.

bimmerdiesel, so glad another Mass driver is on here! I commute between Waltham and Cambridge, a lot through Lexington and Belmont. Belmont is one of those towns that I swear believes in keeping speeding down by not maintaining the roads.

I briefly considered sport, but I don't like the interior colors. I have black interior now, and it gets too hot for my liking on a sunny day. The red? I don't think I can pull that off. I think of hookers and cocaine when I see the red interior. (No offense to the people who do pull off the red leather! It definitely is sporty.)

I'll wear gloves if I have to, but I feel disconnected from the car. The wheel slips between my fingers. Today was one of those days where I thought a heated wheel would be wonderful to have.

Good to know about your wheel style (hot) and experience around here. I dunno how the sidewall is on the factory tires, but I only got a bubble on an aftermarket once. The bent rims were factory, and I got the rims on the e93 straightened for $200 a wheel.

M3tallicar, have you tested the M Sport with xDrive? I imagine it's a lot of fun.

RocGuy, cool to hear another poster is happy with the ultimate pack. I have the same thought: even if I don't use it, it's a resale boost for cheap. (Speaking of resale, from my informal research on nadaguides, nav only adds $800. Ridiculous. I would skip nav if I could, but I need it if I want bluetooth audio in the X1. I'd just use mapquest on my iPhone (4), more up to date, FREE, but integrated is nice. So I tell myself "boo hoo, I 'have' to get Nav in the X1" .)

two-five boy, I noticed the black trim on Sport too. Black exterior looks good with it, but again, I prefer other interior colors than what's available with Sport line. To be fair, I noticed the M Sport suspension stiffness in two tests: 40mph + in a rotary (aka traffic circle), and 50mph+ on an on ramp. I noticed the M Sport had less body roll, but the X1 base still felt confident even with the amount of body roll. Very true that it's X1 vs X1, and not a minivan :LOL. My Jetta SportWagen feels like a clown car sometimes with all the squishy body roll vs. any bimmers I've driven.

I think the X1 steering wheel is the same on all lines, except M Sport, so Sport and xLine have the same steering wheel.

So far, BMW Apps is a no, and I'm re-evaluating xLine for that heated wheel. Maybe I can get a test drive in this weekend and try to make up my mind about M Sport vs not. I'll definitely let you guys know!

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