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Originally Posted by RocGuy View Post
I figured out the invoice price, then added $500. That gives me a price $934 below what I paid. Can totally live with that.

What do you mean tho by "plus ~$500 for maco and training fees"? Is that in addition to the other 500? lol That would mean I paid $434 above invoice. Seems too good to be true?

Either way I think I'm happy with those numbers.

Congrats RocGuy!!!.. glad you took my advice and shopped around!! about 4.5% off.... good for you! but i still have to gloat that i got a 6.5% off ... but that is quite good.... some people would take the 1000 discount..however, i understand that there are only two dealership in your area... . i'm glad you haggled! YEY!!! you will LOVE IT...

P.S since you got your stuff loaded and plan on keeping it... makes sure when your baby comes in to go ahead and buy the tire and wheel insurance package. The waiting sucks that much i promise you but but it's worth the wait!