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Question xLine vs M Sport Line

Hi all!
I'm trying to decide between xLine and M Sport Line, and I was wondering what suggestions or opinions you all might have. I've talked about it with my fiancee until she

I searched the thread for xLine and then for M Sport, but I didn't find a discussion that compared them. Sorry if there is one and I missed it.

I know the options and colors I want (save for two options):

M Sport
- black sapphire metallic exterior
- beige leather interior
- wood trim
- heated seats
- 18" 355M Wheels with All Season tires (once that option is available in Dec, fingers crossed!)

- jet black (non metallic) exterior
- oyster leather interior
- wood trim
- cold package
- 18" Y-Spoke 322 wheels

and then either line
- sDrive28i
- Lighting Package
- Ultimate Package (or maybe Premium and Tech Packages instead)
- BMW Apps (maybe)

But, I am undecided between M Sport and xLine.

M Sport:
+ stiffer sport suspension means less body roll, sportier handling
+ more aggressive look for the badass factor
+ M Sport sills look hot
+ Sport seats
~ no heated steering wheel (never had one before, but tested and it's nice)
~ anthracite headliner does look cool, makes the moonroof and windows pop more
- stiffer suspension might be harsher ride on bumpy roads
- 5-spoke rims bend more easily on crummy roads (on my e93, I had 5 spokes, and all four rims inevitably bent enough to make noise at 60mph. I know I can get them straightened for $$$.)

+ more stylish interior
+ can have heated steering wheel
+ Y-spoke wheels have more spokes, so rims bend less
+ non-sport suspension should be more comfortable on crummy roads
- non-sport suspension might roll too much
- less aggressive exterior

My fiancee helped me reduce the choice between sportier handling or a heated steering wheel. Sportier handling I can enjoy all year. Heated steering I would enjoy for half of the year at most (although my hands do get cold easily).

I am leaning toward M Sport for the sportier handling, which is why I want to go back to BMW (from VW). But sometimes I want a really comfortable ride.

M Sport: I've seen a poster say he/she didn't like how harsh M Sport is on crummy roads with lots of pot holes.

BMW Apps: I feel like I should get it, in case BMW releases a feature that I would actually use, but I may not use it at all. The only feature I might use is Web Radio for Pandora. I've tested an X1 with Bluetooth audio with Pandora on my iPhone, and it worked fine. I could even press "go to next track" to skip the current song. So, BMWApps might be $230 I don't need to spend.

Ultimate Package: seems like a no brainer at only $185 more invoice than Premium and Tech Packages. I've never had parking sensors, and I don't think I'd use the rear camera often. I did read a review that recommended the camera because the rear window is high. But again, might be $185 I don't need to spend.

I do plan to test drive the M Sport vs X1 no-line again soon, to be sure about the handling, ride, and harshness. First time I drove M Sport, I thought the suspension was a little stiff. Second time, I thought the handling was fantastic--very little body roll for a SAV! I have yet to drive an xLine 28i or experience the oyster xLine interior, but I know the xLine has no mechanical difference from the no line except for 18" rims.

So what do you all think?
What made you choose xLine or M Sport Line?
If you have M Sport, do you find the ride too harsh?
If you have BMW Apps, do you use it?
If you have Ultimate or PDC+Cam, do you find the rear camera useful?

Sorry the post is so long, and thank you so much to anyone who posts their thoughts!