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Originally Posted by conceyted View Post
I am having a lot of trouble understanding the different figures some of you are giving. Some of you appear to be getting close to EPA and then some of you are getting absolute crap. How can one person get 28-29 hwy and another get 23 hwy? Are we all sure we are talking about the 2.0L Turbo N20 in RWD?
I think you're seeing a mix of folks with very green cars and various driving conditions. Take for example my wife (3.0L AWD) who has a very short, urban commute and gets 17 mpg on average. Just a few weekend errands can shift her mileage over 20 mpg for the tank, and add in a highway trip or two and it goes to the low to mid 20's.

Over the time we had our 135i, it was on California 91 octane for the first few years and had a 50 mile daily commute and got around 25 mpg. Coming to Texas, it had a 5 mile daily commute and got about 16 mpg. However during break in, it rarely got over 15 mpg and over the first five or six thousand miles, things slowly crept up and mileage got significantly better. This was also the case with my M Coupe and various other German cars I've owned.

Anyone panicked about early mpg figures needs to relax and wait until you get a few thousand miles on it. Further, consider the conditions you're driving in. My wife's short commute will never allow for her to see the EPA city numbers, but the simple fact that a heavier, awd X1 with the N55 and same transmission as her 135i with the N54, is already getting better mileage with 2.5k miles is a good sign for us.