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Originally Posted by Lucky13 View Post
I'm a little suprised that the X3 wasn't on the list since it more closely competes with the two Mercedes. Your obviously not going to get unbiased suggestions on a BMW site but I don't see those two Mercedes getting the same kind of good reviews I see on the X3 and I get almost all the car magazines. For me the X3 was too big so we went with the X1 but I can't imagine not considering it against the two Mercedes. I see locally good discounts on them so you could hit under $45. Having owned 3 M3's I find the X1 28 plenty powerful enough, it's lighter so it handles better with better fuel economy. I have nothing against Mercedes but they won't handle anywhere near as well as the X1.
Main reason the X3 isnt listed is price with options. We cant get an X3 optioned out how we want it for under 45k. If we get a BMW it will be a new order so that we can again take advantage of the overseas military plan like we did with the 1er.

The ML is pretty much the only other option right now, and that is only if we can get the refreshed model (pretty sure thats the 11, but might be the 12) within our price range with the options we want.

As for the Euro people saying Merc = Taxi, I tend to agree after living in Germany for the last 3 years. Although I cant recall ever seeing an ML taxi.

Other vehicles we have looked into:

Ford Escape and Explorer Sport
Acura RDX
Cadillac SRX
RR Evoque

Out of those plus the X1 and ML, the X1 and ML are at the top.

If we get the X1 the big decision will be on the 28 vs the 35. We both really really like the N55 in our 135i, so both of us are actually leaning that direction, but ive also seen a lot of good things about the 28i with the 8 speed auto.

Still havnt been able to find out if the X1 can have a tow kit put on it though. Really would like for this next vehicle to be able to tow if we need it too, nothing big, but a small trailer or a pair of waverunners or something.