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Any non-bias X1 owners care to chime in?

Ok, so im currently contemplating my (my wife's) next vehicle.

I currently have a fully loaded 135i and my wife and I both like everything we have seen with the X1. She also has a few other vehicles that she really likes.

Need as much of a non-biased opinion as I can get, or expect, from the X1 community, lol.

The choices really are down to:

X1 - Can get a fully loaded xdrive28i for 41k or fully loaded xdrive35i for 44k

Mercedes ML350 - SHOULD be able to get a slightly used 2011, with all the options we want, in the mid to low 40s in March to April when we are planning to buy.

Mercedes GLK350 - Can get a nicely optioned 2013 for mid to low 40s.

We are staying under 45k with this purchase and plan to put 10k down. We love everything about our 1er and that is really pushing us towards the X1, however she absolutely loved the ML that she drove and im pretty sure it moved to the top of her list with the X1 second and the GLK third.

Things I like about the ML are the fact that it comes with a tow package, im not even sure the X1 can have one equipped can it? Also we like that it is bigger than the X1 and like the styling and interior as much as the X1.

Sooo with all that said....