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Originally Posted by Grovsnus View Post
Why eBay? They're not that much more from BMW, and then you get the real parts with a warranty, not knock-offs without one.

Anyhow, nothing personal, but I think they're detract from the looks, because they won't match anything else on the outside. If there were other exterior CF parts they could match, it would be different, but there aren't.
Carbon fibre for a unified look, sure, that can be awesome. But in one place just because you're supposed to ooh and aah over CF? And eBay ones at that? Nah, that's like wearing fake Cartier cuff links with a nice flannel shirt.
Thanks for your comments my friend!

Why eBay? Because in my country the covers from BMW are 1,200 dollars.
btw, this is a dealer selling on eBay genuine parts

Ps: I will consider your style comments