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Originally Posted by rory breaker View Post
Sounds terrible. Definitely makes me rethink the M package. I love the look but honestly, I really enjoy a nice comfortable smooth ride, and for a non-performance car 45k+, I don't expect it to ride rough.
The M Sport package is truly not meant for comfort driving, but hard driving. In a way it's like buying skis or bikes - if you buy the sport models, you shouldn't expect a smooth ride.

As for non-performance, well, the X1 may not be M class, but it certainly can hold its own, with a higher power-to-weight ratio than most road cars its size, and 80% rear wheel drive making it more of a performance car than competitors like the Audi Q3 and Range Rover Evoque. 0-60 in 5.3 s isn't exactly sluggish either - on an automatic, no less. That's over a second quicker than a Mercedes GLK 350.
It's quite likely that the X1 will get you quicker around the track than any other crossover, except perhaps the Skoda.

But most comfortably? No. BMW does have comfortable models too, but they aren't called Sports Activity Vehicles with M Sport tuning and suspension.

tl;dr: Sport, Comfort - pick one.