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Originally Posted by RocGuy View Post
I actually think about this! As someone that's driven a small car for 10 years (mostly a Mini, currently a Fiat) I'm constantly blinded by SUV/Truck headlights. Not a fan. Lol

But I do live 20 miles outside of the city here and do a fair amount of driving on some country roads getting in and out of town. So based on what most people have said I'm leaning towards getting the light package.

Still torn about the radio. Most are saying no. But I DO listen to music constantly while in the car. And I'm in the car a lot. 15,000 miles in my current car that I got in March...
Don't worry about blinding other drivers. These xenon lights are properly engineered with auto-leveling and an asymmetric pattern that illuminates the edge of the road more than the center. These lights usually get blamed by mistake when people are blinded by improperly installed after-market HID lamps in reflector housings, or after-market blue tinted bulbs that are running a very high wattage.