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Doing lots of audio stuff, including mixing and synths, my initial thoughts is that Harman Kardon is low-end - it's more of a branding company than original equipment. I also don't like thumping bass, and that system comes with one woofer (they call them subwoofers, but there's nothing sub about them) under each seat.
Yet, I went for the HK option, because it does have better dome tweeters. Is it worth the price difference? Nope. But the work to get a decent stereo system installed is rather high, and it wouldn't interface with the iDrive.

As for the lighting package, I went with it because of the door handle lights and auto-dimming. I don't like Xeon lights. I prefer warm color temperatures over cold, so I don't lose my night vision, nor cause others to lose theirs. I know, I probably belong to a minority here.