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Originally Posted by Hansee View Post
Where do I find the fusebox? I've checked the trunk and engine room.

I assume I don't have to unscrew any plastic to get to it?

The reason to locate is that the inner lamps that's attached to the door doesn't light up on either sides. No warning. No nothing. Haven't checked the bulbs yet, but I've seen 2 other x1s on the road with the same problem.

It's in the glove box but you have to remove the door. Was not able to copy the directions photo but it is in the owner's manual.

Access to fuse box:
1. Open the glove compartment.
2. Release the damper from the bottom holder
by applying pressure toward the front, arrow
3. Unlock the glove compartment by pressing
on both tabs, arrows 2, and fold down.
A pair of plastic tweezers is found on the current
Information on the fuses can be found on the
back of the cover.
Spare fuses are available from the service center