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Originally Posted by Lucky13 View Post
No dealers have much inventory so I doubt they want to deal on something there going to sell soon anyway. I know they are in a tight race to beat out Mercedes for No 1 premium brand for 2012 so the last two weeks in Dec maybe BMW will give the dealers some promo money. I have a pretty small dealer locally and I know he has sold at least 6 already and probably more (just followed the inventory on his site).
Yikes, okay. The x28 I went to drive on Saturday was gone by the time I got up there. There was a loaded x35 that I drove instead (I drove a 328i M sport, too, just (a) for fun and (b) to assess the 4-cylinder/8-speed/EcoPro combo).

Considering what you say, do you think there's a strategy play to be made? I could wait, and hope the promo money comes along, at risk of the inventory being even sparser, or bargain the best I can now, and order exactly the car I want . . .Thanks.