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My X1 should be at the dealer any day now, but I and my partner actually needed a second car from about Labor Day. We shopped a lot...

I was deciding between the VW Jetta Wagon TDI and the Acura RDX when the X1 showed up for test drives. Actually I almost bought the VW - drives well, fairly quiet inside, great diesel MPG and fully loaded at about 29-30K). It does have a mesh cover for pano roof, letting a lot of light in even "closed". I do prefer the solid cover in the X1.

The RDX is roomy, powerful, solid. With the tech package and 2WD, just about 38-39K. Honestly, if they had one color that i thought the car looked cool in, I might have bought it. But it's "12 shades of gray." Even the red color looks muddy.

I did like the Q5 a lot but agree with someone above - just a bit too pricey (same for All-Road). I ended up ordering a fairly well-loaded X1 (Ultimate, Lighting, H/K), and that would easily have been 5K more with the Q5.

I wanted push-button start, so I tried the Outback with the Special Appearance Package, which offers that and a bunch of other high-end stuff (but Subaru doesn't offer HID, as far as I can tell - interesting, for a car company that promotes safety, etc.). It is a solid vehicle, but noisier than the others and feels heavy.

The new Ford Escape has some nice features too, but new model has reliability concerns.

Hope the X1 doesn't bite me in the rear by having reliability issues. If that was my main concern, I'd have gone for the RDX...