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Originally Posted by M3tallicar View Post
Wondering what others considered and why they chose the X1 (or not)

Looking for a good wagony car to handle baby and rear facing seat with enough room to be practical. Still would like a car enjoyable to drive, not a big high SUV, rear wheel or 4wd.

Cars that, on paper, make the list - haven't driven most

Subaru Outback
Infiniti EX (no flappy paddles avail tho which I think is enough to knock it out of contention)
Audi Allroad or Q5?

Any other suggestions welcome, flappy paddles and rear or 4wd required
I've driven all those but the Allroad and haven't pulled the trigger on an X1 yet but it's the leading contender.

Subaru Outback-noisy transmission and not enough power. Bigger and good MPG due to CVT transmission. Didn't like it very well at all.

Infiniti EX - 300hp seems fun and it will get up and move but didn't feel a lot faster than the X1 probably because of less torque. Poor MPG. Very small interior and bad rear window visibility. Better bells and whistles and the Nissan/Infinity comfort keyless access is much better implemented.

Audi Q5-I liked this best, even over the X1 but it gets really pricey quickly and is more than I want to spend. Great smooth tranny and good power. Much smoother, quieter ride than the X1 but doesn't handle as well. Bigger too obviously but still a great size for a midsized SUV. Nice car.