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We test drove the following:
Mazda CX-5: a fairly decent car- great value for the price and great mpg. The interior is very 'business like'- kind of like a BMW really. But just a bit too slow. We're hardly speed demons- but this car is pretty slow.

Jetta Sportwagen TDI: a very solid feeling car. The interior looks and feels great and the trunk is nice and big. Good torquey engine. Slightly dated looking exterior though. GPS nav only comes with the sunroof - and the glass sunroof has no shades. So it's going to hot in the summer. No backup camera neither.

Audi A3 TDI: Same drivetrain as the Jetta, but the interior is just a bit too small. The slanted in side windows make the interior feel a bit claustrophiobic. The model maybe several years old but it still looks smashing.

We were close to getting the Jetta wagon, but in the end wifey decided she needs something taller with better visibility, and faster than the econo-class cars we've been loooking at. So X1 it is.

Oh yeah- we also test drove the Fiat 500c just on a lark. It's a cute little car, but the switchgear has a chintzy toy quality to it, the (base model) seat lacks thigh support and the non-telescoping steering wheel can't quite be adjusted to be comfortable. And the ride is just very busy. Lots of pitching and other motions on the freeway. Wife sat in the back- she said she almost threw up.