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Went for the X1 in the end due to:
- good price
- maintenance plan
- replacement only due in 2015
- run flat tyres: no need to stop in dodgy areas
- rear wheel drive (gives the front a chance to change direction)
- BMW driving feel
- slightly bigger boot than Tiguan
- hope of better residuals
- fuel consumption (sdrive 20d)
- starting to look good now

Upgraded from VW Tiguan, didn't buy again due to:
- diesel models underpowered
- petrol models don't come nowhere near claimed mpg (had 1.4tsi)
- bad residuals
- starting to look outdated
- must pay extra on good motorplan
- no auto option on entry level diesel
- bad plastics
- due for replacement in 2014

However, it is a good car, good handling, nice standard features such as 220v plug and passenger airbag deactivation... Good handling even with SUV feel, more spacious inside than X1.

Also looked at:
- Volvo XC60: very nice but very expensive, closer to X3 though in size. Not as good dealer network in South Africa as BMW.
- Audi Q3: a Tiguan for a lot more money
- Land Rover Freelander 2: not good enough on-road, didn't look much into it.
- Honda CR-V: good price but looks like a giant teapot
- Kia Sportage & Hyundai ix35: unsafe: look at NIHS roll-over tests

Hope this helps, don't know too much about the flappy paddle options on these - sorry.

Also, would say out of these only the Volvo XC60 and X1 fit your criteria, and then of course a wagon.