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Lease on an X1

I'm shopping around and interested in the x28i. I am favoring either just adding deep sea blue+cold weather package or ZMP+Le Mans Blue+heated seats). Both of these set ups will likely require having one built in Germany. I spent the afternoon at a dealer yesterday. The only incentive available to me (non-loyalty eligible) is $500 holiday cash. Here are the numbers I received on a 3 year/36k mile lease:

Deep Sea Blue + Cold Weather package: $34,495, 60% residual, 0.00165 money factor (3.96% interest rate)

ZMP + Heated seats + Le Mans Blue: $37,295, 60% residual, 0.00165 money factor (3.96% interest rate)

Based on my reading online, I think the residual is a hair low and the money factor is high, as is the sticker. I'd appreciate any insight/perspective. Thanks!