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Originally Posted by RocGuy View Post
I'll have to ask my dealer about this! I'm still trying to configure mine out and plan to order the next week or the 1st week in December. That might change things a bit...

P.S. Although adding M line takes away the ability to add the Cold Weather Package. One can add heated seats separately, but the M steering wheel means no heated steering wheel. And again, I'm in Upstate NY. I think I don't want to be without the cold weather package.

Offhand I don't recall what's in the X1 CWP but I always end up ordering the heated seats a la cart anyway, usually because they stick those blasted headlamp washers in with it and I personally am not a fan. Heated steering wheel sounds nice but I'd forgo it to have sport seats, plus I like a bit thicker wheel.

Here's the info on the all weather tires in case your dealer isn't aware -