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Originally Posted by Grovsnus View Post
Given that the car is already lifted, that seemed awfully high for a tow hook, but okay, good to know! Most towers would likely loop around a beam anyhow, unless using a tow bar.

The parking sensors I have mixed feelings about - I'm afraid that drivers will start relying on them, instead of just treating it as extra input. But nice to have, nice to have...
Tow hooks for BMW have been standard operating procedure for a long time. Don't let any tow jockey tell you that yanking your car around using the suspension bits will be ok.

I thought the same about the PDC. The X1 is the first vehicle I've had it in, and I must admit, they are pretty handy. I've always griped when I've seen people using their mirrors to reverse rather than turning their heads like God intended. But, I have to confess, the rear view camera + PDC makes it very tempting to completely rely on it for reversing.