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X1 broken

Need your input on 2012 X1 2.0T issue:

- We have roughly 25 000 KM of problem free driving with our X1.

- As of a few weeks ago, after 10 to 15 minutes of driving. An easily audible metal / grinding or friction sound can be heard.

- Here is the interesting part... The noise seems to vanish under acceleration. As soon as we leave off the gas a bit or even if we place the transmission in neutral (while rolling) the noise resumes.

- Braking (hard and soft) does not affect the noise so I am not suspecting a brake-related issue.

- Turning left or right (hard and mild) does not affect the noise.

- The noise seems very equal throughout the cabin.

Our dealership, Park Ave BMW on the South Shore of Montreal is not very keen on solving non-catastrophic problems on cars... they pretty much told my wife to come back when its more broken... no diagnostic done.

Here are some theories:

- X-Drive rear diff issue or transfer case.
- Transmission
- Exhaust piece vibration (would explain why the noise vanishes under load).

Any ideas or troubleshooting steps would help.

Thank you.