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Originally Posted by icemilkcoffee View Post
Mulberry, how much did these bumper covers and side trims cost you, if you don't mind?
I'm not sure how relevant these figures will be as they are over a year old, and only relate to the UK market at that time, but as you asked:

X1 23d Xline SE - purchased new April 2010, very highly optioned inc the full Msport specification with the exception of the aero kit which was not available at the time of purchase (had not been launched by BMW), and including all taxes, fuel, registration fees and paint protection treatment - 38325 on the road.

Msport aero kit inc removal of original Xline SE panels, painting of Msport panels, fitting, new number plates, and new fog lamps (due to different shape), paint protection treatment, and VAT (tax at 20%) - August 2011 - 3425

BMW Performance 19" Ferrick grey style 324 wheels and Pirelli PZero tyres, inc removal and legal disposal of old tyres from original Blade spoke style 323 18" wheels, and VAT (tax at 20%), August 2012 - 2931

Here's the interesting thing.....the cost of a new X1 has gone up since I brought mine. If I add together the original cost and Msport upgrades the total I've spent is 41750, very close to the cost of a new similary specified X1 Msport. I needed a new set of tyres so that cost can be taken from the cost of the Performance wheel and tyre package which leaves me just a little under 1750 out of pocket, and I still have the original type 323 wheels that I can sell or have fitted with winter tyres.

For me depreciation is the killer, and 'refreshing/upgrading' the car every year allows me to 'feel' like I have a new car without the need to purchase a new one that would cost an additional 20000 plus (cost of change). To put this in to perspective, last week I was offered a 'box fresh', one owner Mercedes SL, fully loaded, four years old, with 10000 miles on the clock for........22000!!!!

I'm seriously considering a new Porsche Macan when it's launched but until then my X1 is proving very difficult to beat

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