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Originally Posted by Dandaman184 View Post
My car is modified with hand controls to drive with, and the amount of valets that say they can drive it no problem makes me laugh. I refuse to let anyone valet any of my cars, and I have never had a problem. Just ask where they want you to park, that usually works.
I once had a car with an extra gas pedal on the left, and a regular stick shift but auto-clutch instead of a clutch pedal. (It had belonged to someone who couldn't use his right leg but didn't want a fully automatic.)
Much fun was to be had handing it over to valets, car washes or even car mechanics.
"Don't try to use the clutch; it doesn't have one" was usually ignored, because I could hear high rev and swearing every time, and sometimes even a kangaroo jump, before it crawled off at 1 mph by a now very cautious driver.

Then there's the car where the gas pedal broke off, and for a while I drove it with a double length of twine. I said giddyap a lot when driving it. I never handed that over to anyone, though.