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Originally Posted by dchao View Post
US too. Both the refinery cost and federal tax on diesel are all higher in the US.

This is why I don't understand BMW's move to push diesel into the USA. It will be extremely hard to convince American that diesel is cheaper and cleaner.
1: Diesel holds more energy per volume than gasoline.
2: Due to the much higher pressure, diesel burns more completely than gasoline.

The net result is that a diesel engine uses 20-40% less fuel than a comparable powerful gasoline engine. If diesel costs 10% more, it's still a big win for those who drive a lot.
For those who drive less, it's not that clear of an advantage.

Cleaner? No, it's not. While newer diesel engines are much cleaner than older ones, and cleaner than old petrol engines too, advancements haven't only happened for diesel engines, so modern low-emission petrol engines are less polluting than modern diesel ones.