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Originally Posted by BEAMERBOI View Post
LOL Im so finished with CF...LOL
My next big thing is getting the wheels powder coated just finding a good time to do it as I have to go without my wheels for 2-3 days YIKES! and then my n55 air intake comes today. Im also changing out all the interior light to the new LED's and replacing my fog light to yellow then I'm finished for a while.....what will I do with myself ....
Hi Beamerboi. I just joined this forum so Hi there!

Have a question for you though. I contacted BMS via email regarding the n55 air intake that you said youre gonna install on your X1, and the rep says it won't be compatible with X1. Well, seemed like you are expecting it soon, so it must be compatible.

I also just ordered my X1 last Friday and interested in installing the n55 air intake lol

can you update me back with pics and after-installed please?

Thanks a lot!!

EDIT : or it does fit on X1 but only for 35i engine? Cos mine will be 28i

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