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Originally Posted by edx1 View Post
It's too bad the X1 is near it's end of life, and only has 2 years for the US market. The X1 seems to have been a bit of an experiment (I think) in the new small SUV category. The MY2015 X1's will be based on the Mini Countryman chasis too, whereas the X1 is currently based on the 3 series touring wagon, a nice chasis IMO and bigger than the countryman. There's been talk about parts on the X1 and it's a melting pot of everything, 1 series, 3 series, X3, X5... There are some unique part #'s to the X1 but not a whole lot. In the last couple years I think just about all models of BMW got advances except the X1. BMW still seems a little confused about what to do in this category and just let it slow cook while the engineers focused on the other models.

My guess is the next X1 still might not have options like an X3 or 3 series but still be a low priced small SUV to attract people to the brand. The cost placement of the X1, considering it's based on the 3 series touring wagon doesn't seem to give much profit for BMW either. I know the 1 series didn't go as they expected (Better than they thought) and possibly only put the X1 in the US market at all just to see what the feedback of it is so they can better situate the MY2015. But what you actually get for an X1 isn't bad, it's actually a nice performing small SUV that doesn't feel like an SUV which is hard to rare.

I will point out that one care you didn't list, the ex35 has all the bells and whistles you seem to want, and power, but you lose some of the BMW performance feel but you wife probably wouldn't notice.

I think the length of time you keep the car is also important, I'm not sure the % of those leasing it will be nearly as high as other BMW's. It seems many X1 owners are in it for the long term because the car fits a very small nitch market of drivers and there aren't a lot of other performance small SUV's at all, let alone in the very far edge of the luxury market. Nothing from Merc, Audi (Q3 not avaiable in the US, all-road though is kind of close but different), Q5=X3 category. Nothingn from Volks, Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Acura, Lexus, etc (either 6"+ taller or very underpowered). I think the ex35 is the only thing I'd consider close to the X1's category.

People have also noted the X1's interior is not as luxuries as it could have been. Maybe cost, maybe lack of development time, who knows. BMW has been trying to widen it's market and is having some growing pains doing it.
X1 doesn't have two years we will have at least 2013, 2014, and 2015 model years. I actually believe it will run to 2016 as BMW's run 7 years which would give us 2016. I believe it switches to front wheel drive in Calendar year 2016.
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