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OP: You did drive the X1 35i? For me, right now I'd either go all in on a 35i or all out on a Crosstrek- we have 3 so this would be my AWD snow/kayak handler.
Q5 3.0T?
Q5 TDI is going to be sweet.
4 cylinder diesels from BMW and Mazda are said to be here by next model yr- have your power(mostly) and save fuel too.

My reasons against the slightly (when like equipped) cheaper, slightly (real world) more fuel efficient 28i are it still breaches 40k for me and for 40+k, I want more. Be it features/tech, motor/muscle, or space/practicality I want more for 40. When you hit the gas in these two cars @50+ you know instantly which one sounds, feels, goes, more. The 28i is perfectly adequate willing to run when (forcefully) asked like a still fast yet reluctant old horse it goes fine but doesn't seem like it wants you to nor does it sound great doing it. The 35i is like a tasmanian devil nagging at you to feed it and it just seems like it has an effortless if not truly endless reserve of juice. Yet, despite this sort of schizo character its also very progressive and refined.
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