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To get back to the OP's questions:

Originally Posted by rory breaker View Post
- The car doesn't feel "new" to's missing so many things I would expect on a $45k car - electronic parking brake, power open/close trunk, etc. I feel like we may as well buy a 2009 X3 or something.
This is certainly true, both because as noted it is constructed out of the BMW parts bin and because it is the cheapest BMW you can buy in the US. Since it is in the middle of a model run even though it is new in the US it was never going to have the cutting edge technology on it.

The trade off is that is is cheaper. Where you come down on the relatively merits of cheapness vs. bleeding edge tech strongly impacts your view of the car. For me, coming from a low tech 2001 Honda feel like I'm getting a lot of tech for my money. If you are already used to the level of tech on the X1 you might question the wisdom of spending the money on a new car that isn't an advance over what you already have.

I also could have had a car with more stuff on it for the same price but for me none of those vehicles had the driving dynamics of the X1. I did not want to spend what a new 3 series would cost if I put all the nifty stuff on it. I was able to well equip my 28i and negotiate a price that gets me out the door for less than a stripped 328i. For me the trade-off in dollars was well worth it. But I can see how others will see that bargain differently.

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- The look of the car without the M package isnt anything special to me. Kinda rental car-ish. With the M package, she can't get Terra interior or matte wood trim (her 2 favorite aspects of the car) so no go there.
This is a matter of taste. I like the car because it doesn't look like everything else. There were well regarded vehicles I never bothered to look into because I did not like the way they looked. If it will bug you every day to look at the car that it a strong argument to keep looking.

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- The 35i would be a no brainer if it had the 8spd transmission. There is a noticeable difference in shift speed/accuracy with the 8spd vs the 6spd. Again, feels weird to buy a 2013 car with 2008 technology. 28i is great, but sounds puny and lacks the grunt of the 35...she likes the 28 because of the quick throttle response and better mpg. I prefer the power of the 35i...when I buy a car I want it to throw me back in my seat (hence why I was trying to sell her on the X6M) and the 35i does that better than the 28i.
The 28i vs. 35i debate has been going on since the X1 showed up here in August. I bought a 28i because of the price difference. For the driving I will be doing the extra power of the 35i is not very relevant. I also strongly wanted the RWD platform. That doesn't matter if you are going with xDrive.

I suspect in most cases the 28i is all the engine you need. But there is certainly that appeal of having 300HP at your disposal plus the fact that the 35i is likely to only be offered for a couple of years. I imagine when the platform change comes in 2015 they will drop it.

Originally Posted by rory breaker View Post
Looking for feedback from those who agree, or think Im crazy. The car is hers not mine, so one thing I need to do is keep that in mind versus trying to find the perfect car for "us"'s her car. At the same time I hate dropping $50k on something that doesn't blow both of us away. If it takes a bit more cash to find that car, I want to find it versus settling, but honestly I dont think it's out there. I want to buy this car, these things just keep holding me back.
As you say if the car is for your wife then she should get the final say. If you want to veto the X1 you should have a good alternative or two to suggest.

If you can wait a bit you might want to see if the new 3 series wagon appeals when it comes out in the spring. It will have all the new stuff on it but it will probably be another $8K-$10K more than the X1. It also is a pure wagon not an SUV though it will be offered with xDrive. The Mercedes GLK just got a refresh but it is not the driver's car that BMW is.

If it makes you feel any better I ordered my car and spent the intervening two months making sure I hadn't missed something better for the money. I haven't found anything better than plan on taking delivery of my X1 this weekend, provided the Gods of the VDC look favorably on me.