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Originally Posted by Dandaman184 View Post
I know I looked all over at every type of SUV or wasgon out there, as I have a very specific need related to the trunk size. I am coming from an 08 VW Touareg, and the X1 seemed to be a perfect fit for me. But I can see how people would just as easily upgrade to something else like a Touareg/Q5/Cayenne (all the same platform) or a X3.
I believe the Q7 is comparable to the Touareg? The Q5 is the same category as the Tiguan (Which my wife has and it's too wobbly for me as it's 6" higher than the X1).

I could also go into the differences between the N55 and N20 engines but the short is the N20 is the N55 with 2 less cylinders and ASS. N20 is 16psi and N55 is 10psi of boost so the N20 is being pushed pretty close to its max so that might effect life (or not, we don't know)

For transmissions, ZF HP6 vs HP8 transmissions but there isn't a whole lot of difference other than start/stop on the i4/8HP (Talked about elsewhere). The 6HP is reported to downshift in 80ms and the 8HP in 100ms. The 6HP can shift in "as little as" 200ms and the 8HP is 200ms but the 8HP as a perk that it can shift from 8 to 2nd in one movement but they're both pretty good. The 8HP has closer 1st and 2nd gear ratios that help acceleration when around there but it actually hurts the 0-60 times as it requires 3 gear changes when the 6HP can do it in 2 -- I think the 8HP has to shift to third around 54mph and the 6HP is in the 60's MPH range).

I seemed to have a different experience in test driving in that the 8 speed seemed to hesitated picking what gear it wanted to be in based on my driving character yet the 35 seemed ready and had the power to just pull when desired. I'm also keeping the car long term so I decided to go with the older and more proven 6 speed. The gas mileage on the 28 seems to be lower than expected, making the difference about 3-4mpg different. I think the two extra gears didn't really provide real world MPG savings engineering said it should... Originally it was 36hwy and people are seeing 27-31mpg. Someone also said they got 35mpg on the highway in the 35 so YMMV.