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Originally Posted by phames View Post
The BMWblog site referenced is a little out of date, but still it is the best place to start. You need to start looking at the Wallenius-Wilhelmsen track and trace area and start seeing what cars are loaded on what ships. The site uses wildcards which allows you to enter partial VINs. If you are lucky your car wil be on a W-W ship and you will get direct feedback. My was on a K-Line ship and they don't provide any details. However, by watching the progress on teh BMWUSA site you can infer what ship your car will be on. There are a number of steps between VIN and sailing though, the car is built, then shipped to the port, then it can be traced on a ship.

i entered the VIN # but says " NOT FOUND "....would it be safe to assume that its either in the K-Line. BMW status is en route.