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Originally Posted by edx1 View Post
Higher lights are actually better IMO, especially if they're white. Lights closer to the ground often concentrate most of their lumens(illumination) 10'-20' infront of the car, far too close to be useful when driving actually, but the lowered fog lights are a look that's popular. Color matters more for actual vision in fog than any height would.
I think you misunderstand the function of front fog lights. They're not intended for (and indeed, in many countries are illegal for) normal visibility driving.
They are not meant to illuminate more than a few feet in front of the vehicle. They're meant for pea soup conditions, not light haze. They light up areas very close to your car, so you can find the road while driving slowly. Yellow lights do this better, by providing a higher contrast and less reflection.
If they go farther than 20', you have a big problem, in that you will illuminate the cloud of fog in front of you, and see even less in the conditions fog lights are meant for.