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Drives: 2008 Silber Grau X3 3.0si
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Location: PNW

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xdrive 28i x-line
28 miles so far
1) Engine: 9 ample power
2) Transmission: 9 smooth shifting
3) Actual MPG (city/hwy) after broken in: too early to tell
4) Braking: 9 good feel
5) Handling: 9 best handling SUV we've owned, rides like a not-too-tall sport wagon
6) Steering feel: 9
7) Exterior design: 8.5 surprisingly more handsome every day, really grows on you. In the two days we've owned it we've had several people stop and stare, ask about it, and take photos of it. Weird that some people have never heard of the "small SAV" before
8) Interior design: 8 very good. not excellent, but very good. Very glad with the oyster/drk copper trim combination
9) Quality: 9 feels very solid, not rattles
10) What do you like best about the car?: driving dynamics, small outside-big inside. iPod integration via USB is also very nice
11) What would you improve?: rear seat vents and heated seats and power liftgate would have been nice but can't complain overall
12) Reliability: Day 1 too early to tell