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Originally Posted by conceyted View Post
Do you foresee anything like this happening to the hitch you put on your X1? Does it feel very solid? I see they rate the tongue weight as 200lbs on the 128i with this hitch, do you think that holds true for the X1, as well?

Also, you mentioned something not being flush, but I found that hard to follow. Did you mean that you could not mount the hitch behind the bumper support due to the mounting holes not lining up exactly right, so you chose to mount it front of the support instead?

Did you have to cut anything? Drill any holes?


PS: Throw up another picture after everything is back assembled so we can see how it looks.
I've used this hitch on my 128i for over a year and there was absolutely no sag at all. I too used it for road bikes and MTB bikes.
I would only assume the 200lbs would be the same for the X1.

Everything is flush; the only issue was the hitch mount has to be mounted behind the crush bumper. While on the 128i it was mounted in front of it. Some of the 1 guys mounted behind the crush bumper and it would rub the exhaust.

I could not mount the hitch in front of the crush bumper due to the holes not lining up (this is because the hitch mount eyelets are less than a quarter inch shorter. You can easily grind a little gap in order to push the hitch mount up higher but decided not to.

Nothing cut and no holes drilled. I did remove the exhaust control valve and bent the exhaust control valve mount in; so it would clear the hitch however.

The second photo is with the hitch installed. I'll take more photos later today with the bike rack as well.

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