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DIY: Trailer Hitch US

So I decided to see if my Curt 128i hitch would fit the X1.

It does fit however there are two points to make if anyone wants to follow suit.

1) The exhaust valve control will have to be removed. This is not an issue since this is used during warm up, so I tossed it. The EVC mount will have to be either removed or bent out of the way (I bent it out of the way).

2) The mount has to mount behind the crush bar not in front of it. Now this Curt hitch mount is supposed to mount in front ( however unless you modify the 2nd eyelet it won't be flush. I am sure Curt will produce something (sooner or later) but I couldn't wait.

This is the Curt 11184 hitch for the 128i.

Other notes:

It does not rub exhaust the exhaust (like the 128i does), the bottom flap piece does not have to be removed either after install.

Rear diffuser removal notes:

Remove all 8mm bolts, remove the two 8mm bolts that connect the rear diffuser to the bumper (behind the felt wheel well). It does help to remove the white plastic caps however I'd recommend you buy spares since they are plastic.

Remove all 10mm bolts that connect the rear diffuser to the plastic pieces.

When pulling rear diffuser pull down and back. I had to push the tabs through from behind the diffuser because it was really tight (I was worried there was a bolt somewhere). Take your time.

Removed exhaust bolt (torx but you can use 7mm) and slide off exhaust rubber mount (left side) from mount.

Remove the 18mm crush bar bolts and when reinstalling torque down to 65 ft/lbs.

Special Special Note:

Those who wanted the BMW bike rack; it wont work with the US crush bar. On the EU ones, they have bolts that go through the crush bar and that's how it's mounted. However, on the US version there is only one hole (right side). That's why the US won't get the EU bike rack. Both the US and EU rear diffuser has two 'tow hook' covers.

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