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So the 28i EPA estimates are off. What can be done?

Well, by now I am sure many of you have read the numerous complaints from X1 drivers stating that their 28i's aren't coming close to EPA estimates. I think we all understand that these are estimates, but if a car is stated to get 33-34 mpg highway and only gets 27-28 mpg highway, then the word estimate is really a major stretch. BMW's track record for getting facts straight has not be good lately with the paddle shifter fiasco, the mention of standard iDrive, and the numerous other issues many have encountered. What I wonder, though, is what exactly owners of the X1 28i can do?

I for one would have more strongly considered my options had I realized that the EPA estimates were so far off. At the very least, I would have more strongly considered the option of going for the 35i, as the majority of my reason for going 28i was the increase in fuel economy. It now would appear that these two models might end up getting the same real-world fuel economy. Has anyone here even achieved over 30 mpg in their X1 28i? My wife's e90 did this yesterday on the interstate. As a matter of fact, it has an EPA rating of 18/28, yet consistently pulls in better figures (around 21/30). I am trying to get an idea of what to expect with my X1.

What can owners of the X1 28i do? Do we have to just accept that we were/are being misled by these grossly overestimated EPA numbers? Is there any responsibility BMW should be forced to take over this? I know of an issue where Honda had to settle a class action suit against a bad fuel economy estimate, but drivers ended up receiving a measly $200 USD for their troubles. If auto makers can make wild claims for EPA estimates with very little recourse then what stops them from making an 80 mpg 5.0L next year?

Edit: Oh, and here is another good one for you guys. The 2013 BMW X3 28i with the same N20 engine and 8 spd transmission as the X1 28i has been given EPA estimates of 21/28. Coincidentally this also seems to be close to what the X1 28i is seeing in real world figures. Just how much of a coincidence is this? Perhaps we will see the EPA estimates on the X1 revised to read something more along the lines of the X3 at some point.

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