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Drives: BMW X1 Sport Package
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1) Engine
2.8i, super smooth, no turbo lag
2) Transmission
8 speed auto with paddle shifter. Lots of gear, awesome performance. Paddles used mostly to downshift faster prior passing.
3) Actual MPG (city/hwy) after broken in
If drive per speed limits = city:9 l/100km hwy: 7.5 l/100km
4) Braking
Superb, stop on a dime. Car stay straight as an arrow on any surface snow included.
5) Handling
Best I ever experienced, this is my first BMW
6) Steering feel
A bit heavy but got use to it after a few weeks
7) Exterior design
Love it, tailgate should have a handle to help closing
8) Interior design
Good quality material, simple but pretty average look.
9) Quality
Very satisfied, no issue after 43,000km (approx 25,000 miles). Paint seems to chip easily
10) What do you like best about the car?
Performance, handle, very practical for my life style. Going to MTB races, it is charm
11) What would you improve?
Run on Flat tires are noisy and wear fast, not good. Paint chips easily on front fender and hood. I would expect better about this.
12) Reliability
Perfect thus far, I drive a lot. Touch wood.